lunes, julio 09, 2007

The Wanderer

So it came to pass
I 've been lost
through dusty roads I flied
looking for The Wanderer
across empty seas I've sailed
searching through the mist of nonsense.
He came, he went,
and in the twinkle of an eye
left me empty handed.
Now it only remains
me and the blame.
The Wanderer never says when
farewell my love, go go away,
maybe I'll find you again
maybe I might have the chance
to feel life in my veins.
Vanishing light
departed love,
I see through the horizon
of my entangled mind
Wanderer, come back,
the last hope of my heart
I search for you
since it has all begun.
Before it ends,
let there be a chance
for me to face the starry sky
and smile and ride
before it all ends,
Wanderer of the heart,
come back.

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